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In cases where there are schedule conflicts, it also carries sports events normally broadcast by its sister stations.

(For example, WWJ airs Detroit Tigers baseball games when 97.1 The Ticket is broadcasting Detroit Red Wings hockey.) WWJ has reduced the use of its main slogan, "All News, All The Time", due to its occasional inclusion of sporting events.

In her 1960 comprehensive review of the station's history, Cynthia Boyes Young cautioned that: "The actual beginnings of The Detroit News radio station, later to be known as WWJ, were not recorded at the time, and the story can only be partially pieced together from the reminiscences of radio pioneers." WWJ debuted as the "Detroit News Radiophone" on August 20, 1920.To publicize this idea, in late 1916 the De Forest Radio Telephone & Telegraph Company began broadcasting a nightly "wireless newspaper" entertainment and news program from its experimental station, 2XG, located in the Highbridge section of New York City.However, de Forest was unsuccessful in interesting any publishers at this time.By 2016, the station returned to live news around the clock.WWJ broadcasts full-time with 50,000 watts, using a five-tower directional antenna system during daytime hours, and its entire six-tower array at night. With this powerful signal primarily sent to the north, the station can be heard in parts of northern Michigan during nighttime hours, including the Upper Peninsula and Mackinac areas, and much of southern Lower Michigan during the day.

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