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She knows that he loves her and wants her and only her. Most women do not do that so that's why most men end up leaving all the time.

So instead of feeling desperate like she is chasing him and trying to lock him down, it's like the relationship is effortlessly progressing. But here is what you can do now, and I talk about this in my new book coming out. The key is finding out what his love language is right from the get-go and basically loving him the way that he needs to be loved, really understanding his needs, his wants and his desires because that is going to make a man stay forever He'll never leave because most women don't do that at all.

I want to give you a little bit of back story about this interview. Eric: Well, you know what you can say now, David, is that A New Mode treats you better than Dr. What it really comes down to, and I have found throughout my life when I've withdrawn from women, it's because my love language is not being respected, meaning I was not getting what I needed to fill my emotional tank, meaning the woman was satisfying me on certain levels, but the real level that I was trying to get satisfied on, she didn't really understand and I try to bring it up in a lot of different ways, but it's like when you bring this up to a woman, you'd tell a woman, "Hey, babe, listen. So a lot of the times, women will be in a relationship with a man and he is kind of lackadaisical about the whole texting thing. When I go to the supermarket, I'm going to look at all the food and I'm going to choose what I'm in the mood for. And if anybody can say what makes a man fall in love and they can basically state whatever a man feels like, bull! To me, what makes me fall in love is the way I feel when I'm around you. It's your texts in the middle of the day or a phone call checking in or saying that you missed me. That's a really interesting question and it's so different, but I could tell you the biggest answer in the entire world. They fall in love with somebody who loves themselves. A lot of the times, a lot of the questions that come in to A New Mode are along the lines of there seemed these signs of the guy not acting the way that she wants him to act or expects him to act that are showing her the signs that she is in a good relationship. Trouble for yourself in that relationship in the future. That's like my goal is to see women really understand men and just enjoy.

So he is absolutely world-class and he is with us today. So a man doesn't really have that outlet so what happens is he becomes withdrawn because he could be having an issue with you. Eric: Next one I've got is why didn't he call or text back? When I look for a brand-new car, I am basically going to look at five or six different brands, six or seven different models, and I'm going to choose one. I can almost get stumped on that one, but it's different for every single man. It's the beauty of who you are as a woman to me, and I can only answer to me. It's the way after I kiss I'm all dizzy inside of my head. Not only that; you fall in love with somebody who is exactly what you're looking for at that moment because you recognize the path that you're on in life at that moment. Eric: David, this is a little bit off the question map, but I know the point you're going to make and I want you to put this in because it's going to tie something together for a lot of women. " She goes, "Yeah, I said one thing one time a few months ago and then just glossed over it." If you gloss over things, you're just creating what? It really goes deep in to the way men think and what they want and how to really go and basically find the men that you're meant to be with because I want to see everybody really happy. The tricky part, however, is communication can be confusing.Sending and receiving mixed signals is common in communication, especially between men and women who have just started dating.They will call you when they say they will, they won’t stand you up, and they will pursue you in obvious, undeniable ways. This puts an immediate end to the confusion mixed signals can bring.Eric: Hey, this is Eric Charles, and welcome to the program. First question for Stump David Wygant is a lot of times women will write in about how a guy withdrew from the relationship. The reason why -- and I think it comes down to it -- is that men, when it comes down to their feelings, tend to not know how to handle them as well as women, meaning when a woman is feeling so many things, she is able to go and really have that support group, her friends. " But a woman's response usually is in defense mode. This could be as simple as she had a great conversation with at the bar and now he is absolutely gone and he is not responding to text messages, or maybe they went on one date and it seemed great and then he just completely disappeared. David: Let's talk about the word "seem" here because "seem" is a very interesting terminology. I would give out your phone number all day long because some will, some won't, so what? We always seemed like we have a connection in the moment but it's a moment that never really lasts and I'm fine with it. You have to accept us for who we are, and that's a huge point. I want you to listen to everything we say and I want you to start realizing that we are not as complicated as you make us. Don't think, "If he just was like this…" or "If he just did this…" or "If he just wanted that…" Uh-uh. The more you get to know us, the better it's going to be for you and you're not going to get frustrated anymore. A hookup girl is only getting that convenient phone call at at night. It's like if you don't like something that he does, say it. David: Well, I mean they should check out my women's blog and make sure when they go to A New Mode and they come to my site, make sure you send them to my women's only site because I got a man's site and a woman's site. We're talking volumes and volumes and volumes of men because that's what it's all about.

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