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Pastel is usually served with pure cold freshly pressed sugarcane juice.

In some regions of the country, it is common to drink it mixed with fruits such as pineapple, lime or mint.

Mealtimes in Brazil are usually an event for family and friends.

There’s always plenty of food for late or unexpected arrivals.

These markets occur in the main streets of every neighborhood (bairros) in the country at least once a week. You will find mainly fresh fruit: vegetables, fish, meats, spices but you can also find some oddities such as handmade coconut carvers and other local household goods.

They are also famous for selling pastel, a deep fried thin pastry filled with either savory fillings, the most common of which are minced meat, chicken, shrimps, mozzarella, palm heart and catupiry cream cheese.

Apart from the usual restaurants, we have "comida por quilo", which is a self-service system and the food is charged by the weight; and all-you-can-eat at a fixed price, where you can sample a wide range of fresh dishes at inexpensive cost.

It’s not uncommon to find street food stall, cafés, snack and juice bars open late night.

In the Southeast there is a great combination of ingredients including maize, beans, pork, cheese, tomato, fish and eggs.Brazil is also known for cachaça, also known as aguardente, pinga, branquinha (translates as little white shot), a popular native spirit made out of sugarcane and used in the caipirinha (aguardente, caster sugar, fresh lime and crushed ice) our traditional and worldwide famous alcoholic cocktail.Some traditional ingredients of our cuisine are not widely available in the shops outside Brazil.The cuisine of the northeastern region is characterized by using much local tropical fruits, seafood, local fishes, beans, onions and again, manioc.Brazilian cuisine uses lots of root vegetables, which are rich in carbohydrates, such as cassava or manioc (mandioca, aipim, or macaxeira), yams, peanuts and fruits like açaí, cupuaçu, mango, papaya, guava, orange, passion fruit, pineapple, and hog plum (caju) are among the local ingredients used in cooking.

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