Dating coptic orthodox church rule on dating age

It is similar to temperature reading either in Fahrenheit or Celsius.I fully understand that this is a problem for the Copts in the West and am pleased to tell you that we as a Coptic church took the initiative to call for unifying the dates for Easter and Christmas between the two Calendars or at least start with one of the two.In the early Church, in fact, several archbishops and bishops decided to ask the Archbishop of Alexandria to send a letter out to everyone telling them what day the Resurrection Feast (a.k.a. Out of sheer pride for our cultural heritage we should re-calibrate the calendar!And don’t be fooled by those who claim we will no longer be united with other Orthodox churches.And so, it is natural that around this time of year many of us begin to think about the Christmas date and whether we should be celebrating it all together at the same time.This idea particularly made waves when Pope Tawadros II of the Coptic Church discussed it with a congregation in Canada when he visited back in September, 2014.

We often talk about “unity” and “our Orthodox brothers and sisters,” when keeping our calendar as is actually causes a divergence on almost all feasts.I don’t know about you, but after December 25th comes and goes, the remaining time between then and Orthodox Christmas January 7th doesn’t feel as much like the Christmas season, because most of the world has stopped celebrating it as such.The lights begin to come down, the movies and the songs revert back to normal, and everything else just reminds us Orthodox that we celebrate Christmas on a different day.So, for example, instead of celebrating Tute 1 (the Coptic New Year) on September 11th in 2016 (as is usual), we celebrate the first of Tute 13 days earlier, on August 29th.And then we need to calculate leap years in a manner that will fix the cause of discrepancy that will otherwise remain in place (preferably by adopting the Gregorian calendar methodology, which differs from the New Revised Julian Calendar).

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