Dating coleman stoves

This stove, in Don Ostby's collection, has a decal for the Portland, Oregon, retailer Meier & Frank above the Coleman model decal.The Model 3H stove appeared in Jobbers catalogs in 1936-37. This instant lighting model with an Everdur tank is in John Stendahl's collection. The stove, in Les Davis' collection, has an Everdur tank which is described as follows on the label in the top of the case: "Electrically Welded - Not Soldered.If you search sites like e Bay or even your local garage sale, you are likely to still find these historic stoves - often in like-new condition.Relatively little has changed with the basic 425 design, except for multiple numbers and letters incorporated into the model number. The nostalgia of these stoves in part is what makes them so attractive even amongst the new technology involved in camping today.

This stove, in John Stendahl's collection, has an Everdur tank, cast iron legs and top that are enameled pale green.The fuel tank on the Coleman stove is 40-ounces and the largest MSR bottle is 30-ounces, so two of the bottles should be sufficient for even weeklong camping trips. Remaining mostly unchanged in its design and function, buy one from this line today, and it will perform with the same level of quality as one 20 years old and last for another 20 years.Model 425: 1948 to 1953 Model 425B: 1954 to 1960 & 1962 Model 425C: 1961 & 1963 to 1964 Model 425D: 1965 to 1966 Model 425E: 1967 & 1970 to present Model 425G: 1968 to 1969 I’m looking forward to getting my “new” stove out and putting it through its paces. I think it will, owing to the nostalgia factor and the fact that it should make for a nice campground conversation piece.One of the reasons these liquid fuel stoves are not as popular as their propane brethren is that transporting the fuel can be a pain.

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