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I sit by him on the premise of moving away from a horde of primary school kids.I ask if his book’s any good and the conversation’s a bit stilted until he asks where I think the kids are going and we starting talking London museums.I’ve given myself one rule – to only chat up men I would date. This works well because I have to smile for the pictures and, as he asks if they’re ok, I hear he has an accent.I ask where he’s from and we discuss Sicily before his Tube arrives. Notting Hill Gate to Bond Street – Central Line After catching his eye and smiling, I talk to an attractive guy reading Metro.It’s a bit awkward when we get off at the same stop, but we still chat and it turns out he’s a journo at The Independent.We’ve got a lot in common but he’s been more polite than flirty so I smile and we part ways.’ Online, apparently, then we laugh about how other rude items could have come up when Googling cuffs.

My daily commute lasts three hours, including half an hour on the Tube.The first rule of the London Underground is: You do not talk aboard the London Underground.The second rule of the London Underground is: You do not talk aboard the London Underground.’ in the manner of one addressing a cracked person.Bond Street to Westminster – Jubilee Line ‘I like your tie,’ I tell a smartly-dressed office type as we’re wedged in together by the door.

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