Dating board game with phone outlook calendar entries not updating

Join these two cuties and let's help them take the perfect selfie. Elsa just bought herself a new i Phone and while playing with it she managed to drop it on the floor. s screen crushed and a few internal pieces got broken. This adorable kitten woke up with a cavity that she has to solve at the dentist!

Pieces of her favorite pink phone are scattered around the house and she needs to find them a...

Hygiene is very important, so make sure you brus... In Office Love you fell in love with your colleague. Try to kiss the girl as often and as long as possible while your ... Join the princesses right away and let's make sure they look perfect. Help baby Barbie prepare for a fabulous selfie card photo shoot session in her newly decorated Hello Kitty bedroom.

Are you ready to spend some girly time with the two princesses? re going to have a double date with Aladdin and Erick! The two of them have chosen a nice place and they can't wait to take some se... The cute girl wants to show off her recently purchased dresses, tops and bottoms ...

Here players roll and spin a wheel to advance, using an in-game phone to “connect” with a secret admirer.

Players attempt to ID him based on clues and simple deduction. URL: Bragging Rights: a game of truth or dare In 1988, this game first launched and would remain considerably popular for more than a decade.

URL: Rights: find your BF in time for the big date From Milton Bradley, Sweet Valley High simulates getting prepared for a date, including hair and makeup priorities and some unexpected issues that can derail your plans.

Two to four players battle it out to be the first to successfully meet with their beau to win the bragging rights. As cellphones began exploding in the ’90s, this game capitalized on their popularity.

Be a good doctor and get her to your office for a cavity treatment.

Before you pick up the phone to call up some fancy takeout food for dinner tonight, why don't you try this totally tasty chicken nuggets recipe.

They are simple to make, and you shall get plenty o...

Barbie's little sister, Skipper, is so excited starting her Junior year in high school.

She's been chatting on the phone with her friends all weekend talking about what they will wear on their firs...

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