Dating backpacker pro und contra online dating

I knew that New Zealand was a great place to live, we have it pretty good in this wee nation.However, it wasn't until I met a backpacker that I opened my eyes to how beautiful our country really is.Before I met my boyfriend, I'd never met someone so in love with New Zealand.The two of us met in town at a bar (yes, believe it or not, you can find love while clubbing), and one of the first things I learned about him was that he has the silver fern tattooed to his chest.

There was also a night we got really drunk in Auckland and spent 0 on Chinese food. We've been asked many questions about our relationship, the most common being "What if his Visa doesn't get renewed and he has to leave?I remember thinking "well then, this guy must really love rugby." Further into the conversation it finally clicked that he wasn't a rugby obsessed kiwi, he was actually a Brit!Now I know what you're probably thinking, how did I not notice his accent?S, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Germany, the list goes on!), he has a lot of experience traveling, so I'll feel safe and secure exploring the world with him. K and New Zealand have a good relationship, we're buddies from way back. Someday, with proof of our relationship being legitimate (e.g.

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