Dating a type a woman

(This is why I have Quiz Up on my phone.)I really love routine and structure. He once only showed up at his friend’s wedding mid-ceremony because he got the dates mixed up, and was mowing the lawn instead of watching his friend tie the knot.

I hate open-ended answers like “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” Or, “Let’s just see how it goes.” No. Photo: meangirlgifs.So you’ll understand that it’s been an interesting challenge to date someone who is literally the opposite of everything I just listed. And whenever he tells me he’ll fetch me at a certain time, I add 20 minutes to it to ensure that I don’t feel like I am waiting for him.

Let’s make a plan to make sure that everything runs seamlessly and no one’s time gets wasted. Photo: I know my boyfriend has a lot on his plate, and he really never means to miss events/be late for them intentionally.

So I’ve started sending him Google Calendar invites to basically anything he needs to remember. If your significant other isn’t tech savvy, you can opt for good old sticky notes on the fridge. We need to get water or make a plan right now, Its coming!

According to Simply Psychology, the seats that were occupied by Type As were, “worn down on the front edges of the seats and the armrests instead of on the back areas, which would have been more typical.” They were unable to stay in their seats and seemed jumpy.

My boyfriend, being the hypochondriac that he is, would have fit in perfectly.

I never stressed during college finals, and I always procrastinated deadlines.

The study concluded that Type As are more likely to suffer from stress-related high blood pressure and heart disease.

They typically demonstrate personality traits of competitiveness, self-criticism, time urgency, being work-obsessed and even hostility.

I now know which way a rook can move and how to say, “Where is the mall? We are constantly in competition with one another to reach common goals, like who can finish the required gallon of water for the day first, and who can put the most into savings each month.

Little competitions like this benefit us, no matter who wins or loses.

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