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I know sometimes my sisters bf's don't like them going to mixers, fraternity houses, etc. i think this is a fun forum, kinda lets us get into the other side of things, coz we had that "dating greek men" forum, now let's just wait for the guys to talk about the girls...but they're pretty much like understand or ship out. my ex, a Sigma Alpha Mu,as well as i, got jealous at times whenever we informed each other of mixers n houses that we would visit (we went to diff campuses so that made it harder--a long distance one)but we trusted each other and didn't keep our thoughts to ourselves...letting one another know how we felt made it other interesting thing he had to deal with was having my friends and sisters let him know about how many guys are hitting on me n stuff but of course, i turn them down ------------------ "To supress our feelings only makes them stronger"--from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Well, I am a Delta Gamma and my fiance' is a Theta Chi.But in my dealings with the 2 Tri-sigmas on my campus, I have found that they are aweful to date, they are psycho, and after you stop dating they make it a point to destroy any chance you have with any girls.They went so far as to follow me from bar to bar, trying to intimidate any girls who showed the slightest interest in me, as well as trying to hook up with all my brothers and going so far as to try to petition to get on our sweethaert court.....In the end it matters who you are--not what letters you may or may not be wearing.I've never dated a greek girl but my preference would be to date a greek girl over a GDI. In college I mostly had party buddies and brothers girlfriends that were greek.

It does somewhat suck though because I dated the Tri Sigma VP for a year and now I am OFF LIMITS in the Sigma house.In turn, I was understanding when we couldn't hang out because he had to go to meetings for organizations he was involved in, or when he had to study and I didn't, etc. Not that he always understood everything that went on but he did become tolerant.We attended different universities and where he went to school and had Greek friends they were always busy with their GLO.Cause I do love sorority women, I just dont care for the psycho ones..........Blaise I don't think that I could date someone that is non greek.

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