Dating a rock star

Judy: That’s so true and so unconscious — we rarely know what we’re doing.My dad was a singer from the Big Band era; he was originally in a group with Frank Sinatra. My parents separated when I was 14 and it was full steam ahead from there. Once you got to know him was he anything like your dad?

Maybe it depends on whether you win or lose the game, but either way, it hurts. Honestly, it wasn’t just the relationship with Jim.I certainly liked the idea of loving someone without being possessive or jealous.A few years earlier, my anthem had been a Lesley Gore song called “You Don’t Own Me.”Morally, I believed it was the true high road, but experientially it’s much harder as a woman. That makes a huge difference emotionally, but I wasn’t able to accept that then.That is a very good point; we do literally open ourselves up! He was more like the model of counterculture expectations that lasted through the seventies.Do you think the prevalence of ‘free love’ is the reason why Pam Courson (Jim’s official girlfriend) was willing to tolerate Jim’s numerous dalliances?

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