Dating a guy with schizophrenia

"The way schizophrenia works, it's not the kind of thing that you can hide," Harvey says.

Even when treatment is working well, you may have communication problems or other symptoms "that would be noticeable to someone you are dating." Frese and Saks suggest waiting a few months before opening up.

They saw each other for several months, and she noticed he avoided talking about anything personal."We took a walk in a park, and it was toward the end of summer -- a gorgeous, beautiful day. and he said he had had a 'schizophrenic break.'" For some couples, that might have been the end.Frese went to the library and read up on schizophrenia.I'd like to hear from anyone that feels the burden of schizophrenia and perhaps any advice in the dating area.I can't really help you with that one; I met my husband when I was 21, and since he was a psychiatric nurse on teh ward where I was a patient at the time the diagnosis was never an issue.

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