Dating internet personals loan

- Go online with all of them so you can see the cr card bill online.

Theres website for all of them nowadays just about- then you dont have to worry about what she does with the hard copy [ the letter in the mail].

And give her an allowance of some kind that you manage. Its a shame, I would say let them reposses something she is particularly fond of...then that will only ruin your credit rating further.

She is living in a dream world and needs a huge reality check.

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If you're flowing with it and cool, we've got a winner.

We are constantlygetting late bills and calls from bill collectors. When she says God will provide, she means YOUI think you are gonna have to go "tough love" on this one. Can you isolate your wages into a strictly one name, one signature account.

She can have her own spending money, or any money she makes, but you should maintain control over yours in a separate account. I basically do all the bills in my head and she insists on handling the money. Action is required or accept the situation as is.believe me when i tell ya, this is 50% of the reason I left my ex.... No I'm not being a **** but anybody gets pissed off and disillusioned and then they can use maladaptive ways to let you know. Good point grneyes, She could be exhibiting typical passive aggresive tendencies.

By her statement God will provide, tells me shes not listening to you and isnt taking you seriously. She can get her own card in her own name for which you ar enot liable, married or not.

So you need to do something about that Sorry but I would go hard on this one or before you know you will be living in a rented trailer at 80 !!! Ps if she is not listening, then time for talking is over. You do not co-sign for itlet her max it out, then let her face the sheriff when they come to the door Thought of a solution for the mail, and hiding bills.

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