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It's a question she gets asked frequently, and in a very truthful response, she said: "The answer is I don't know what it would be if it was my family. But maybe when they're in jail I would want to write to them and talk to them.

The letter writing is a passion of hers that is so treasured, she broke down into tears at the thought of ever having to stop.

They speak every few weeks to a month on the phone and so far has plans to visit him sometime next year. They gave him life and he didn't really even participate a lot in the crimes. I got Jeffrey Dahmer on the right side of my rib cage. This always turns into me being called a racist because I like Dylann Roof. Mariya was perfectly aware of the crimes, their effects, and involvement of the men in these crimes, but they don't put her off.

In fact, they draw her in closer, she explained she enjoyed their minds and the power that they yield with manipulation.

Do your friends always express their concern over your undying love for the bad boy/girl? As we awkwardly fumble our way through puberty, our sexual desires materialise, but there are some perversions that lie outside the realms of what can be called ‘kinky’.

Mariya, from Arizona, is a 22-year-old hybristophiliac who describes her sexual attraction to people who commit violent and gruesome crimes as ‘severe’. Being clear that she in no way represents the whole community, Mariya explained that her mind rarely strays from the desire of being with these dangerous criminals, and fantasising about being one of their victims.

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