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Also, you may feel freer to talk openly with people you do not know because they are not biased.In fact, it is actually recommended by some mental health professionals because talking to someone online about serious matters is much more comfortable for many people than talking to someone in person.Of course, just talking to people online once in a while does not mean you are addicted.If it does not cause a problem in your everyday life, talking to people online is perfectly natural and can sometimes be therapeutic because for some people, talking to a stranger is easier than talking to family or friends. When you have a problem or you are embarrassed about something, talking about it to people you do not know and cannot see may be more comfortable than talking to someone face to face.Source: Advantages of Individual Therapy While chatting online with strangers can often be helpful, a better option for people who have serious questions or mental health issues is to speak to a trained professional counselor.Your counselor brings their education and experience to the table.

It is best to stay anonymous with strangers online because you just do not know who is being honest and what kind of person you are chatting with unless you are on a reputable chat therapy website.They may only be there to complain and get someone to listen to their excuses for not trying.They look at everything in the most negative light.Source: Chat Therapy Websites There are many websites that offer counseling, therapy, and psychological counseling to help with mental health issues.Some of them are honest and professional but some are not.

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