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In this way the number of chromosomes will be halved in each cell, while all the parts on the chromosome (genes) remain, after being randomized.

Which information of the parent cell ends up in the daughter cell is purely decided by chance.

To find out whether either of the parents carries the syndrome, both parents have to be tested.

In several cases, the syndrome was identified with the child, because of an autism disorder or another problem, and later it appeared that the parent was affected as well.

Very little information is known about the syndrome.

In a common situation a human cell has one pair of identical chromosomes on chromosome 1.The second random process can give rise to genetic mistakes.In the deletion and duplication process, the chromosomes that come together in a new cell may be shorter or longer.Meiosis is the process of dividing cells in humans.In meiosis, the chromosome pairs splits and a representative of each pair goes to one daughter cell.

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