Cost of updating implants

Now press "Get Warehouse Prices" under the material costs.

Check if everything is OK and press "Process Item To Warehouse".

So this all means that warehouse will be updated only if you have appropriate item types added to warehouse and appropriate Sell or Buy boxes checked and those warehouse lines will be updated ONLY when you are fetching new lines from API. You fetch inferno cruise missile to manufacture calculator.

You fill all your needed material prices fields, blueprint settings and are satisfied with the profit margins.

If you are on the account settings page, you see now your key there with the characters.You can do that by going to Journal and Transactions.Both have "Update" button which will fetch from API. Warehouse is probably the most confusing part of the tool. For example: Tritanium, Pyerite, Raven, Nova Torpedo, Oxygen, Amarr Fuel Block etc. How it works is that it adds quantities and subtracts quantities from this one line of that type of item and calculates average price.To standing field input your standing with the Corporation who owns the refining station. After the steps above you are ready to use the tool itself.First you want to fetch market transactions and wallet journal from API.

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