Computer dating 1970s

This amount of RAM far surpassed any of the previous models and it was one of the major selling points that made this personal computer system one of the best-selling models of all time.Even 10 years after it was first introduced, the 22 million units of the Commodore 64 that were sold has been unmatched by any other single computer model.The Commodore Amiga was also the first personal computer that was compatible with other operating systems in addition to the one it was supplied with.In 1984, the Apple Mac Intosh made its appearance in the personal computer market.“From the IBM computer that predicted the New York Mets World Series victory in ’69…” Avengers #72 (Jan. Scorpio, with his powerful artifact called The Zodiac Key, is the first to make an appearance.Scorpio would be followed by Aries, the leader of the organization, then the rest of the evil group, each with names corresponding to the zodiac signs.

Building on the success of the computers of the 1970s, the following decade created some technology that was unprecedented for its day.When the other computers of the day could only display 16 colors on the screen, the Commodore Amiga was capable of displaying over 4000 colors in high-resolution.This was also a popular model because it could be used for desktop video production and creating special effects for videos at home.(L) Zoe’s Zodiac by Mary Joe Stephens, 1974 (R) “Horoscope fun slacks” from Carsuals There were a number of “Mixology” booklets that appeared in newspapers and magazines in the late sixties and early seventies which blended Southern Comfort whiskey with the trendy new occultism.We’ve covered these guides on Flashbak before: How To Star At Happy Hour: A 1974 Cocktail Of Booze And Zodiac Dating Booze Brochures: 1960s Guides to Drinking Like a Boss You know astrology has gone completely mainstream when there are zodiac cakes in your Betty Crocker recipe book for children’s parties.

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