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It is part of the Evansville Metropolitan Area, locally known as the "Kentuckiana" or the "Tri-State Area". For more than 100 years the city has been home to the Southern Cherokee Nation.Notable residents have included the ornithologist, naturalist, and painter John James Audubon and blues legend W. The city was named after Richard Henderson, an eighteenth-century pioneer and land speculator, by his associates Samuel Hopkins and Thomas Allin. Henderson has its roots in a small, block-wide strip of land high above the Ohio River, the site of the present Audubon Mill Park directly south of the city's riverfront boat dock.A distinguishing characteristic of the new town plan was unusually wide streets, reportedly to prevent a fire in one block from easily spreading to another.Even with diagonal parking spaces outlined on downtown streets today, the streets are wide enough to include two-way traffic and space left over for delivery trucks to park in the center of the streets without interfering.It was located at the confluence of the Green and Ohio rivers.Henderson hired Daniel Boone to survey the country and select favorable sites, but Henderson died before the town was developed.

Guntrader has the most extensive range of shotgun, rifle, air rifle and air pistol listings in the UK, every action, every calibre. We also have a large number of sights & optics, sound moderators and equipment.A village on this site was called "Red Banks" by the local Cherokee on account of its reddish clay soil.By the early 1790s, Red Banks had a tavern and several European-American families along with the Cherokee.Known as the Transylvania Purchase, the sale was voided by the Virginia General Assembly, since the territory (and the sole right to purchase land from Indians within its bounds) was part of Virginia's royal charter.However, the commonwealth granted Henderson and his company an area of 200,000 acres (810 km) to develop.

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