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The original exhibits were once housed at Christiansborg, but moved to the current location in the late 19th century.A gigantic extension has not only significantly extended the space, but allows natural light to flood into the interior of the museum.A ten-minute stroll from Tivoli Gardens leads to the National Museum (Nationalmuseet), which delves into Danish history and culture.The museum displays an impressive collection of Danish artefacts, including a 2,000-year-old sun chariot, Danish porcelain and silver, and Romanesque and Gothic church trimmings.

Not surprisingly, fine collections of Danish art are also on display.Smash TV series ) showed the world the Oresund Bridge, a stunning feat of engineering that links the two countries by road and rail.For lovers of literature, a visit to Odense, the hometown of master storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, is a must.Denmark's many charms have become apparent to a global audience, particularly in recent years.Scandinavia's "European" wing boasts glorious beaches, beautiful fairy-tale castles, lush forests, a temperate climate, friendly citizens, and a joie de vivre that's infectious.

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