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(Bobs people were lovely, but they always invited visitors to go to the local club and play Bingo, and the pokies.

I dont drink and I dont gamble.) One example of this could well be your childrens schooling.

But are you saying, It will be different for me I now know the hazards to avoid?

The problem is that no matter how careful they are, there are always things a couple only discover after marriage.

Not every Christian makes a fuss over Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

At no time before I was married was I actually TAUGHT that it was a sin to marry an unbeliever. Most likely he is also thinking he will change you or that your religious zeal will mellow after marriage. How many thousand marriages have ended disastrously because women expected they could change their men!The over-riding phrase as far as I was concerned was bitterness towards God.) Are you quietly saying to yourself: I really love this person, and I know that he is a good-hearted person.Im sure its only a matter of time before he comes to know the Lord? With so many homes these days not only having personal computers, but also having access to the Internet, will your husband agree with you as to what kind of information to download to your hard-drive?

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