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Similar to Mystery Meat where a random meat-like byproduct is the unfood in question. Contrast with Bizarre Taste in Food, Gargle Blaster, Masochist's Meal, Fire-Breathing Diner, and Even the Rats Won't Touch It.

Also see Cordon Bleugh Chef, Lethal Chef and Evil Chef, three people who may be involved with this trope.

But that causes only another problem, because he wants to be alone.

The conseqúence is a doom loop between being alone but unable for an own life and having a caretaker but not being alone.

But your individual health depends on a variety of factors, including the quality of healthcare in your community, as well as the lifestyle choices you make each day.

The more you know about these facets of your care, the healthier you—and your community—can be. cities where patients, providers and hospitals are getting healthcare right.

Because of this, he lost all of his subscribers, and is now with no fame.

Danny Noriega (Adore Delano) & Chris Crocker are So Cool.

Internet “celebrity” Chris Crocker keeps adding more and more jobs to his resume.

The Beta Couple had that, and here's how they got through it.

While the Beta Couple usually consists of secondary characters, sometimes the author(s) will decide that the main character has enough crap to deal with, make relationship the Beta Couple, and make the bulk of the romantic conflict in the story concern the sidekick's relationship.

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