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For some time, however, Jeong Yakyong was still favored on the royal court.

In 1792, for instance, already known for his knowledge of Western civil engineering techniques, he was asked to supervise the construction of Hwaseong (華城, 화성), a fortress in Suwon (水原, 수원).

During his banishment, he devoted himself to studying Confucian classics and started writing several notable works, including (詞, 사).

The poem below was probably written when he was banished to Gangweon Province (江原道, 강원도).

釣魚子 조어자 仄平仄 塵網外 진망외 平仄仄 十分閒 십분한 仄平平(韻) 昔年何事 석년하사 仄平平仄 狂走漂泊抵衰顔 광주표박저쇠안 平仄平仄仄平平(韻) 風裏一團黃帽 풍리일단황모 平仄仄平平仄 雨外一尖靑蒻 우외일열청약 仄仄仄仄平仄 此個勝簪綸 차개승잠륜 仄仄仄平平(韻) 幾日湖亭上 기일호정상 仄仄平平仄 高枕看波瀾 고침간파란 平仄仄平平(韻) The fishermen, Outside the dusty world’s snare, Are much at leisure.

In past years, for what reason, Did they crazily run about and drift astray only to come to have senile appearances?

His fortunes changed with the Shinyu Year Persecutions (辛 From an early age, Jeong Yakyong was recognized for his Classical Chinese composition.

By the age of 10, he had already amassed a collection of his own poetry.

與隋將于仲文詩 여수장우중문시 A Poem Given to Sui General Yu Zhongwen 神策究天文 신책구천문 Your divine stratagem has exhausted astronomical observations; 妙算窮地理 묘산궁지리 Your marvelous calculations have depleted geographical knowledge. Keep life and lose those other things; Keep them and lose your life: – which brings Sorrow and pain more near? Thus we may see, who cleaves to fame rejects what is more great; Who loves large stores gives up the richer state. He was born to a gentry family in Namyang (南楊, 남양) in Gyeonggi Province (京畿道, 경기도), just east of Seoul.For the same reasons, her mother-in-law was abusive toward Heo Choheui.Moreover, none of the two children that she bore survived past infancy.(For further details, Ask a Korean has a wonderful description of the scandal.) In reaction to this incredible chain of events, a group of students at the History Department at Yonsei University posted a Classical Chinese poem in protest of the President, calling for her resignation: 與傀統朴槿惠 여괴통박근혜 Given to the Puppet President Park Geun-Hye 神巫更鷄說 신무경계설 A mysterious shaman fixes your chicken-talk; 孝父改國史 효부개국사 In filial piety to your father, you revised the national history curriculum.選勝功旣高 선승공기고 In having won an election, your achievements are already many.

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