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For those of you that have seen the Payment Request API, you may be wondering what happened to composability over the first two years of the Working Groups existence.Some of us did try to solve the Web Payments use cases using simpler, more composable primitives.Compare this to expending far less effort to create the Web Handler API, with appropriate extension points, which would be able to address many more use cases than just Payments.There are really only four composable components that we would have to create to solve the generalized Web Handler problem: The W3C Process makes it difficult for Working Groups chartered to work on a more specific problem, like the Web Payments WG, to work at this level of abstraction.Again, this doesn’t mean that 3.3 billion people are using it today, the polyfill still has to be deployed on issuer, verifier, and digital wallet websites to make that a reality.There is a common Web Handler pattern evident in the above implementations that is likely to be repeated for sharing social information (friends) and data (such as media files) in the coming years.

Our argument was that if the API design did not create core reusable primitives, it would not allow for it to be slotted in easily amongst other Web Platform features, maintaining a separation of concerns.This lack of coordination will most likely be bad for the Web.This blog post is about drawing attention to this growing problem and suggesting a way to address it that doesn’t harm the long term health of the Web Platform.It would instead create a barrier between the space where Web developers could compose primitives in their own creative ways and a new space where they must ask browser vendors for improvements because of a lack of control and extensibility via existing Web Platform features.We were therefore concerned that an increasing number of requests would be made to add functionality into the API where said functionality already exists or could exist in a core primitive elsewhere in the Web Platform.

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