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See Gay concentration camps in Chechnya for more information./ There are no civil marriages available in Israel for same-sex or opposite sex couples, and any non-religious marriage is unrecognized if performed in country.However, foreign same-sex marriages are recognized by the government and recorded in the population registry of the Ministry of the Interior.Same-sex intercourse officially carries the death penalty in some Muslim nations: Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Nepal, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Cyprus (excluding Northern Cyprus) are the most open to the LGBT community in Asia.In 2016, during an African-led coalition to dislodge the recently established UN expert on LGBT issues, the majority of Asian nations backed to retain the role of the UN LGBT expert, with only Muslim nations, with the addition of China and Singapore, declaring their opposition.Illegal in practice in Chechnya, where homosexuals are abducted and sent to concentration camps based on their perceived sexual orientation.Illegal Penalty: Unmarried men punished with 100 lashes of the whip or a maximum of one year of imprisonment, married men with death by stoning.

In Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen homosexual activity is punished with the death penalty.

So I paid £119 for a month's membership, giving me an entre to thousands of faithless females.

They are allowed to sign up for free as a way of ensuring the numbers are balanced between the sexes.

As of May 2016, same-sex sexual acts are illegal in 23 countries.

Egalitarian relationships modeled on the Western pattern have become more frequent, though they remain rare.

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