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You should only need to apply a Rupture if no one in your group can cause a bleed effect, and for that a 1 combo point Rupture will do.

Also, if you are switching mobs, don’t be afraid to use a lower combo point Envenom to keep Slice and Dice active.

The poison duration reduction is also nice but we’re taking this for the increased chance to apply deadly poison.

If you go that route, take these two points and place them elsewhere in the tree.

Tier 6 As Combat, it makes sense to run around outside of stealth to start rotations, as opening with Sinister Strike is often the most efficient way to start combat.

Gear that focuses on these stats should be the kind of gear you’re looking for.

And now, on with the show: – How To: Assassination Spec – We’re going to build a 51/18/2 Assassination Spec today.

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