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The contents are interlocked and pressed together befor the wool is cut to ensure maximum protection against the elements.In our 50-plus years of producing pea coats (also known as peacoats or pea jackets), we have perfected a wool jacket that is stylish enough to wear with a suit, but strong enough to protect you from whatever winter sends your way.We support local and national clubs with club discounts.

Marine Aviators, who received their training under Navy direction, also wore the G-1.

It is said to be the first such jacket designed to feature a zipper and came to define the look of motorcycle jackets since Schott Bros later manufactured a very similar jacket for the Beck label, which he was previously a representative, called the Beck 333 Northeaster and in the late 1940s, Schott Bros introduced a new jacket based on the original Perfecto design called the 613.

It was soon nicknamed the "One Star" because it had a star on each shoulder epaulette.

Our Pea Coat is made just like they made it in the Navy; with 32 oz Melton wool.

Our wool is 75 percent reprocessed wool, 20 percent nylon and 5 percent other fibers.

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