Cats intemidating each other

Venture too close to the nest, and the sentry will begin hissing, extending his wings and walking toward the intruder.If you fail to heed these warnings, the geese will unleash a barrage of pecks, wing flaps and shrieks.A team name creates a first impression, give the team an identity and help in determining the team bond.

Geese have excellent vision and are quite adept at reading body language.However, during the breeding season, which usually takes place in April or May, your beloved pets are likely to become protective of their nesting areas.While females sit on the nests, incubating their eggs, their mates patrol the surrounding area, guarding against potential threats.While you do not want to cower or appear submissive in any way, refrain from hitting, kicking or otherwise striking the bird.Doing so likely will increase the severity of the attack and may cause the female to leave her nest and join her mate, effectively doubling your problem.

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