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Projects for the Real World activities are included that promote cross-curricular learning and higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.Learn More A comprehensive examination of geometric concepts, each lesson provides thorough explanations and builds on prior lessons.The courses are built to the Common Core State Standards.The three units in Semester A advance students through the study of single-variable expressions to systems of equations, while Semester B covers functions, advanced functions, and concludes with a practical look at the uses of geometry and trigonometry.The course emphasizes using these algebraic concepts to solve problems and help people in many walks of life.The course employs many tools to teach students these concepts, including interactive graphing, videos that walk through problems, and many practice items.

Students will develop 21st century skills as they master ratios and proportional relationships; the number system; and number visualization.Learn More Building on the concepts covered in Integrated Math 1, these courses are based on proven pedagogical principles and employ sound course design to effectively help students master rules of exponents and polynomials, advanced single-variable quadratic equations, independent and conditional probability, and more.Online and offline activities combine to create an engaging learning experience that prepares high school learners for their next step in their studies of mathematics.Among these are surface area, volume, and probability.Real-world applications facilitate understanding, and students are provided multiple opportunities to master these skills through practice problems within lessons, homework drills, and graded assignments.

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