Canyon creek mississauga speed dating

The salad is comprised of honey goat cheese coulis spread across the plate topped off with arugula salad.

5th course - Filet Mignon and Lobster Portabella paired with Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon.

I find that they offer both consistent food and service, which is why I keep on returning to dine there.

I am no stranger to Canyon Creek, as I have dined at their establishment on several occasions throughout the years.

The main course was a filet mignon accompanied by a giant Ontario cremini mushroom stuffed with butter baked lobster.

The addition of the asparagus, and russet potato mash was a nice touch to create sides that well complemented the steak.

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They have several locations in the GTA, and the two that I frequent the most are the Front Street West location, and Queensway location.

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The steak itself was a decent size to accompanied a 6 course meal, and it was lean with good flavor.

There is a slightly bigger version of this dish available only at the Canyon Creek Sherway location (7 oz sirloin in lieu of filet mignon).

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