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Feedback from Masterclass Mentor, Victoria Leese, was extremely positive ‘It was a pleasure working with the pupils today.

It’s lovely to see such an intelligent, polite and confident group of young people.’ Pupils also gave glowing feedback: ‘Over the course of the day we got to learn how to negotiate and how to handle and make profit so we are prepared for when we set up our own mini businesses.

Thank you to Mrs Gains in the Science department for organising.

In the first half of the game, Cams had a strong start scoring 38 to Toynbee’s 15.We are very proud of our broad and balanced curriculum at Cams Hill School.This week, pupils have had opportunities to take part in exciting challenges which stretched their abilities to apply knowledge and think creatively in a range of subject areas.We hope to see as many pupils and parents as possible.Finally, outdoor sporting fixtures finally started again after weeks of inclement weather.

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