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IMPORTANT NOTE: This Documentation site includes links to many Templates.For the Official Templates, you should only install those Templates applicable to your Cacti version.

Cacti 1.x has changed drastically from earlier versions.Cacti 0.8.8h Spine 0.8.8h Remote data collectors (Pollers) Network discovery and automation Device management automation Enhanced user, group and domain management User interface enhancements Additional RRDtool graph option support Merged almost 20 plugins into core f=4&t=56794 For additional details check out the README located on Git Hub - Contribute Active development of Cacti is located on Git Hub! f=4&t=55666&p=260306 Cacti 0.8.8g Change Log Bugs Cacti Spine For plugins listed with a status of core, it means that they are already included in Cacti 1.x maintained on Git Hub, and do not need to be installed.For users using older versions of Cacti, these plugin entries are maintained so that if you are required to use an older version of Cacti, you can still gain access to those plugins.

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