C sqldataadapter rowupdating

The process was straightforward: We created a disconnected Recordset; we made changes to the data; we called the Update Batch method; and enchantment happened.

If we had carefully crafted SQL statements or stored procedures, it didn't matter.

In addition to reducing the load on the data server by reducing the number of active connections, the data server's load was also reduced because activities performed on disconnected data had no impact on the server.

In order to transmit changes back to the data source, we used ADO's Update Batch method.

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Note: An Invalid Operation Exception will occur if the Db Data Adapter.

The Sql Data Adapter also includes the Sql Data Adapter. This setting indicates that the value of the parameter is not set manually, but is taken from the particular column in the currently processed row.

The ADO Recordset object held a collection of records that we could scroll through. NET Data Set can do the same but can hold several sets of records and the relationships between them. NET Data Set is like a portable database containing tables and views along with the data description information that defines them. NET Data Set to be an in-memory database that we hold in our application's memory space (see the sidebar, "The Data Reader," for the one exception to ADO. Theoretical overview to Data Adapter The completely new object in the ADO. The purpose of the Data Adapter is embedded in its name: It performs the activities necessary to get the data from the data source on the server into the database that's held in the Data Set.

NET has a Connection object that we use to manage our connection to our data source. Things start to get different when we look at the ADO. In many ways, the Data Set object looks like a weird amalgam of all of the old DAO objects holding tables, relations, and columns.

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