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Our supporters range from individuals to large corporations, and all are dedicated to raising the understanding and awareness of sustainability for the golf industry.

Many of our supporters have established decades-long relationships with the EIFG -- it's clear that their dedication is not a fad or trend.

Learn More "The PGA Tour continues to push toward furthering golf's relationship with the environment by supporting programs and organizations like The Environmental Institute for Golf." - Cal Roth, PGA Tour vice president of agronomy and 30-year GCSAA member Establishing best management practices (BMPs) is a foundation for golf facilities to implement change and operate in a manner of continual improvement.

The EIFG, along with GCSAA, has taken this a step further with the development of performance statements.

EIFG representatives also assisted in the development of GCSAA education's core competencies, which ensure that the education curriculum is in sync with the current, and future, demands of the golf course superintendents' profession.

In recent updates to the core competencies, a new environmental management section was added, further demonstrating the commitment of the profession.

Research that is important to superintendents and the courses they keep has always been, and remains, a cornerstone of the EIFG's efforts, dating back to when it was founded as the GCSAA Scholarship and Research Fund in 1955.

Learn more "Our work with the GCSAA and using the resources that the Environmental Institute for Golf has available has been very beneficial.

Some are wrapped within social expectations governing land use and water use, especially in light of permitting new development or reconstruction as well as daily course operations.

Scholarships funded by the EIFG provide financial assistance to students who are pursuing a career in golf course management, future researchers and educators, as well as children and grandchildren of GCSAA members.

Learn more "With support from the EIFG, GCSAA is able to reward our members working toward degrees with scholarship stipends as an investment in the future of our industry." - Sandy G.

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The following table shows a map of the actual and proposed allocation on Plane 0, the BMP (Basic Multilingual Plane).

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