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Music is nicely spaced across the front and plays with a gentle but obvious surround support structure.

Clarity satisfies and basic details throughout the range are delivered with good balance and accuracy.

All of the predictable hijinks follow: the awkward conversations between friends, blackmail, breaking and entering, dealing face-to-face with an Internet porn king, and keeping the truth from the kiddos by throwing their devices out the window. They did it everywhere and at anytime, in both public and private, and they could never get enough.

This is manufactured Comedy at its worst, a predictable, poorly conceived, and stale experience that wants to take risks but never really does anything interesting, instead fumbling through the same tired gags, from a rip-off of the Father of the Bride scene in which Steve Martin runs away from guard dogs to the seen-it-a-million-times "I gave everyone i Pads without erasing my personal data first" gag. One day, Annie announces her pregnancy and the couple announces their wedding.

Sony's Blu-ray release features passably bland video, fine audio, and a few supplements. For the week of October 21st, Starz and Anchor Bay are bringing the dystopian thriller Snowpiercer to Blu-ray.

Other titles include Universal's similarly themed dystopian chiller The Purge: Anarchy, Sony's release of Jake Kasdan's disappointing comedy Sex Tape, ...

The gags are by-and-large predictable, uncreative offshoots of the various scenarios that play out, most of which are limited to dull second and third acts in which the couple attempts to seek out whoever may have one of their i Pads and get it back, always to predictably absurd results. It's nothing but establishing a "sex, sex, sex" relationship and then switching to "no sex, no sex, no sex" and beating the audience over the head with each one, presumably to make it clear that the couple likes sex but doesn't have sex, so that a lengthy on-tape sex session makes sense. The script is packed with one-liners that the scriptwriters obviously hoped would come to define the movie and become infused in popular culture, "the full Lincoln" being the most obnoxiously obvious.

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Afterwards, Jay realizes that the video has been distributed to a number of devices over the cloud, forcing the couple to make a frantic trip around town and collect the i Pads before their secret gets out. OK, the "sex tape escapes into the wild" part isn't bad, but what's insulting is the "free i Pads with all of my personal information on them for everyone! It's "explained" that Jay is so darn good at making music playlists that he just gives everyone an i Pad, still connected to his account, so they can enjoy his music.

When he updates his playlist, they get theirs updated automatically, too, through the magic of clouds and syncing and all that good stuff (yeah, the same thing that recently got a lot of celebrity secrets "revealed").

Dialogue delivery is accurate and center-focused, too.

There's not much in the way of major action elements or environmental ambience.

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