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She had no idea what he really looked like thanks to Nick's use of his creepy boss' photo in place of his own.

As he began to get closer to her in the real world, as Nick, he also became closer to her mother Billie.

Go ahead, make the same mistake with the same guy over and over…and over. This is very confusing for the non-fan but works something like this—Sonny was mad at Carly (his 3x ex-wife) for indirectly causing the accidental shooting of his current-pseudo-girlfriend and baby momma, Olivia.

* Broken up with Chelsea and interested in Melanie Layton, went after Melanie, but was obsessed with her. * Engaged to Gabi Hernandez * Blackmailed Will Horton * Married Gabi at the Horton house. * Was hit in the head with a rock when he attacked Gabi.

She paid him little attention, regarding him as just another geek.

Realizing his problem, Nick decided to take more desperate measures as he became smitten with her. Shane Patton', he began an online correspondence with Chelsea and she began to fall for him.

They had no idea I'd go on to use it as my perpetual guide to life. Eight dating lessons I picked up from watching the addictive soap opera:1. You never know who will pick it up—and in soaps, it's always the wrong person! Just like on soaps, it can be super tempting to let our passions take over and do things we can't take back.

Lies always come out—usually at the 55-minute mark on Friday afternoon. Even if we're never found out—even if it's a secret that ultimately only hurts us—knowing the secret we are keeping and its potential fallout can isolate us, keep us in a constant state of misery, and ruin multiple relationships many times over. On daytime, people often think they're doing someone else a favor by going it alone, or protecting them from unpleasant truths, but it always blows up in their faces. Take a second to press that "pause" button, and we just may avoid the entire crisis.4. Soap characters have an infinite ability to find love.

* Hid the brush that Willow planted at the Brady home that would have wrongfully incriminated Chelsea for Willow's crime in breaking and entering and arson.

One night, when Billie fell off the wagon, a depressed Nick was at her side and quickly found his way into her bed.

Both regretted this indiscretion and decided it was best to keep it from Chelsea.

In addition to music superstars Bono and The Edge, Berris’s former co-stars Kate Mansi (ex-Abigail) and Rachel Melvin (ex-Chelsea) were also in attendance.

as a toddler, they meant it as a form of baby-sitting. That also calls for leaving your phone behind in a café. broke up like 16 times this summer, all because they weren't up front about their insecurity and jealousy issues. We've all been there—who hasn't completely gone insane—or, err, sent a dozen furious texts in the middle of the night—when someone we cared about hurt our feelings?

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