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Beside names in English, French, German and Dutch, the editor has repeatedly inserted names used in Curacoa, Surinam, Eng. The editor has not always mentioned where these names are used. „Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Volksnamen van Planten" |A Dictionary of the Dutch Popular Names of Plants j at the editor's disposal. With regret the editor recalls to mind the late Dr. He several times provided the editor with very welcome information. LIST OF PERSONS ') and of Societies who lent the editor books or provided him with information. Naturally, the names of New Zealand plants, were specified as used in New Zealand ; for Guyana plants the editor referred to works which gave them as Guyana names, etc. The editor also proffers his sincere thanks to his daughter-in-law Mrs. His departure for India was a great loss to the editor. Bericht Mangel-v,'ortel : Bericht wegens de aankweeking van den Schaarsheid- of Mangel-wbrtel door den Abt de Commerell. Berkhout: Over de toekomst der caoutchouc-cultuur in Oost-Indie. Classification de 100 caoutchoucs et gutta-perchas. The editor however, has not inserted all the book names found by him. names of a few plant-families or other groups of plants. With regard to the 2"^ head, the editor has not been able at all and has not even attempted to give a complete list.

Deken DE Bo's Kruidwoordenboek bewrocht en uitgegeven door Joseph Samijn Prof, in 't Collegie te Meenen. Likewise German readers will probably be struck by the fact that German substantives are not written with capitals. hucusque cognitarum ; those of Filices from Carl Christensen Index Filicum. It would have been agreeable to the editor, if he had been able to bestow more time on his work in order to make it more complete, but there is a limit to what one man can do. ROSENTHALER who VI provided the editor with information concerning" the plants furnishing pharmaceutical products mentioned by Holfert-Arends ; to Dr. Just because different languages require capitals in different places, the editor has almost entirely avoided the use of capitals. Some of the scientific names are occasionally followed by one or more synonyms. The names given by the editor were all, either had on hearsay, found in books or communicated to him by correspondants. If the names of these oils are selected from one good manual of reference, a clear idea of them is obtained. If however, an attempt is made to complete the annotated material out of different manuals — naturally out of good ones — confusion arises and increases according to the number of authorities referred to.

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