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The university had to deal with state budget cuts while students had to face federal loan and grant cutbacks. "Spring is a long way off, and much will depend on grades to see who makes the team." Soon after crew got back from Austin, Texas, they headed to Nebraska for the first race of the year, but it was cancelled due to a snow storm.At the Lan- don Lecture, President Reagan compared the government's budget trimming to a girl's vir- tue explaining that "we have to learn to say no." Students had to say no to many things that may have previously been taken for granted. Cress, Lea Ann Jamison, Kathy Mc Carthy, Norma Saisman, Marv Hou. At Shawnee Mission Park in Kansas City the team rowed against KU.The typical pattern of the four-year student is becoming the exception rather than the rule and the assurance of a guaranteed job after graduation is rapidly fading. The struggle for the American dream grew increasingly more dif- ficult and the university as a whole had to cope with the changes. STUDENT DIETETICS ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: Colleen M. These funds were earmark- ed for fuel for the motorboats, repairs and oarsleeves.The lines for interview sign-ups were moved from outside Holtz Hall to inside Seaton Hall, and the competition for jobs was evident as the lines started forming as early as 10 p.m. Redefining meant re-evaluation and change, whether good or bad, and the 1983 Royal Purple attemp- ted to capture the effect of this pro- cess at K-State. Even with the allocation from senate, more money was need- ed.The 58th Landon Lecture featured a presidential visit by Ronald Reagan, which provided a rare educational opportunity. Varsity members practiced in the early morning, while novice members practiced in the afternoon.Lines Silhouetted against the blaze from the annual Homecoming bonfire two yell leaders perform a stunt. Practice was held at Tuttle Creek Reservoir as long as possible, then mov- ed inside for exercising and weight training when the lake froze. KU (University of Kansas) and WSU (Wichita State Universi- ty) row on rivers, where as here, when the lake freezes over we can't row, and it takes a while for the lake to thaw out in the spring," Coach Pete Hamma said.

Allen Eyestone opening/3 , Redefining wrapped around buildings as students waited for tickets and again for admittance to the regionally televised event. He helped form crew in 1962 and then moved to Lawrence and started a crew team at KU.

Alf Landon and President Ronald Reagan at the 58th Landon Lecture. The combined efforts of the light and heavyweight men resulted in a fourth-place finish. Y., June 5, the men's heavyweight four plac- ed 14th out of 17 teams.

President Reagan spoke in honor of Landon's 95th birthday. Students are familiar with this type of view by Tuttle Creek Reservoir of a winding road through the rolling Flint Hills that are typical of the sights that surround Manhattan. Team member Gail Frahm, senior in engineering technology, competed in a Canadian competition and placed second in the senior class and third in the junior class.

Avalon, a new private club featuring live bands, opened in the fall. John Sleezer 4 /opening Intersecting sidewalks east of the union provide an area for conversation and a thoroughfare to and from classes on a warm fall day. K-State placed in the top 10 in the Midwest Regional Regatta at Madison, Wis.

A jubuliant Ron Wilms, K-State graduate, parachutes into KSU Stadium during halftime of the KU-K-State game. The men's lightweight four took first place, heavyweight four took third and freshmen eight placed sixth.

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