Babble bar speed dating

If matched with someone, Smell Dating would notify us both with contact details.

There would be no sorting for gender, age, or sexual orientation; all decision-making relies upon the user’s sense of smell. No need to rely on lists of favorite movies or activities to find a mate.

If it were a choice between smelling stinky t-shirts or listing six things I couldn’t live without, I’d take the t-shirts. I received my t-shirt — cotton v-neck, size medium — and I dutifully lived in it for three days, showering only twice.

On the last day I wore it while running a speed workout that left me gasping for breath, heart pounding.

£25 Date in a Dash – Valentine’s Day Lock and Key Party.

Pop Up Speed Dating – Pre Valentines Singles Party – Home House Private Members Club.

My lived-in shirt would be sent back, cut into scent swatches, and then mailed to participants.

Meanwhile, I would be receiving my own scent swatches from strangers to sniff and report back on.

I didn’t have to care whether anyone loved to travel or go to museums.

Compatibility would be predicated on chemical attraction alone. I had never online dated before, and in fact, I hadn’t dated at all since the last century, when I met the man who would become my husband, and eventually my ex-husband.

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