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With massive hot water and steam emissions, plus carbon emissions in plant construction, waste management and the production of nuclear fuel, atomic reactors are a significant factor in unbalancing planetary weather patterns.Their cancellation, alongside the rise of green technologies like solar and wind power, bring the Earth a giant step closer to preservation.Meanwhile, Germany is amping up its renewable energy generation with a goal of 80 percent or more by 2050.France—once nuke power’s poster child—has turned away from new reactor construction and is moving strongly toward renewables.In the American northwest, construction of five reactors for the Washington Public Power System triggered the largest municipal bankruptcy in U. Though President Barack Obama provided the project with .3 billion in federal loan guarantees, the massive cost overruns, multi-year delays, Westinghouse’s bankruptcy and public anger over repeated rate increases have cast a long shadow.

Five have shut in the last several years, with dozens more poised to follow, primarily due to their inability to compete with cheap gas, solar, and wind power.Vital focus now centers on battery breakthroughs needed to escalate rooftop solar, electric cars and other post-nuke game-changers. The State Secrets Act of Japan’s authoritarian Abe regime renders unreliable all “official” information from Fukushima.Grassroots nuclear campaigners are under serious attack.More than twice as many Americans now work in solar as in coal mines.As the head of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund recently put it: “We are quite convinced that if John D Rockefeller were alive today, as an astute businessman looking out to the future, he would be moving out of fossil fuels and investing in clean, renewable energy.” Even America’s Tea Party has developed a green wing promoting renewables.

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    However, although Serbs do not complain about alleged targeting of individuals in a paranoia-bordering way as some Bulgarian activists do, complaints of generalized rise of Serbophobia and attempts to use it as one of possible explanation of assimilation of Serbs into Pseudomacedonians, are often mentioned.

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