Autistic teenagers dating

This means she might be less interested in the social and emotional side of friendships than typically developing teenagers.

Her friendships might be based more on shared interests than feelings.

For example, you could use a Social Story™ to explain what a social kiss is and when it’s appropriate.

Lists, examples and pictures You could use pictures to show how people let others know they’re interested in having a conversation.

For example, you might record two of your friends having a scripted conversation that shows how to start a conversation and what to say.

For example, you and your child could role-play the skills you need when you’re in a shop, like saying hello, asking for what you want and saying thank you.

They might have fewer friends than peers, but they can still form good friendships and share common interests.

Your child’s friendships are likely to follow her developmental stage, rather than her age in years.

She might need to work at learning these rules, along with basic social skills – for example, knowing what is and isn’t appropriate to say to people.

Whether your child has one or many friends, or prefers to be on his own, some social skills will help him know how to act in different social situations – from talking to a shop assistant to being part of family gatherings or having fun at teenage parties.

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