Asian dating man white woman

I’ve gotten the raised eyebrow from men who have never left the Rust Belt when I tell them I used to live in Bangkok, a city they believe to be one big whorehouse filled with Thai women who were born to serve.

That I might have concluded my own pre-China track record of exclusively dating white guys was “normal” and “natural”.

A few years back, I wrote the post, Why Did I Assume I Would Stay Single in China? Was it merely that I grew up in an incredibly white middle-class suburb (I could count on one hand the Asian men I knew from kindergarten to high school graduation)?

Was it the overwhelming absence of positive images of Asian men in the whitewashed world of American popular culture?

“It’s totally normal for white Western women not to be sexually attracted to Asian men,” wrote a woman in a comment I happened to read.

I shouldn’t have been stunned or surprised by her words. After all, I’d been privy to many conversations where white Western women dismissed the possibility of dating Asian men in all sorts of ways. But I was jarred by her comment, feeling the mental equivalent of a sudden static shock pulse through me as I read it.

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