Arnold schwarzenegger son dating taylor swift

“Had such an amazing day,” the 18-year-old Schwarzenegger, a male model and owner of a philanthropic clothing line called Project360, Tweeted. The “Love Story” singer has previously been linked to Joe Jonas, John Mayer, and Jake Gyllenhaal.Could Taylor Swift soon be penning a new love song?Though there have been rumours that the relationship is shaky, the duo appear to be waxing stronger.In 2015 Forbes reported that they were the highest paid celebrity couple with combined earnings of 6 million.This four month long fling with Jake is widely considered as the most serious of all relationships that Taylor Swift has ever had.

The two were also seen laughing and walking along the beach together. ” On Monday, Swift performed a duet with James Taylor at the Tanglewood Music Festival, in Lenox, Mass.The pair had made some public appearances together and their music fan bases were supporting the relationship fully.The two love birds blamed their break up to the scrutiny they got in their relationship as well as the media attention that was intense.At their dating heydays, the two lovers were fondly referred to as Taylor squared but this union of two iconic teens was also short-lived.The two had met on the set during the shooting of Valentine’s Day and had an instant liking for each other.

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