Are calleigh and delko dating

Season 8, Episode 5October 19, 2009A young woman dies after apparently being poisoned.Her boyfriend is the chief suspect until he, too, becomes sick and is placed on life support.Season 8, Episode 1September 21, 2009The eighth season begins with Delko fighting for his life after being discovered unconscious in the Everglades.Meanwhile, Horatio recalls how his team first came together 12 years earlier while working a homicide investigation involving a woman who was shot and later discovered by Delko in the trunk of a car.Ryan and Jesse work the affair as security guards, and a mysterious woman from Jesse's past unexpectedly shows up during the proceedings.Season 8, Episode 10December 7, 2009The body of a census worker is discovered in the trunk of a car following a high-speed chase.Season 8, Episode 3October 5, 2009Three volleyball players suddenly drop dead on a beach court while participating in a charity event organized by socialite Amanda Collins (Cheryl Ladd).

Season 8, Episode 15February 8, 2010A man's body falls from the sky and the investigation reveals he was in outer space less than 24 hours earlier. Season 8, Episode 17March 8, 2010The CSIs investigate the murder of an unpopular receptionist.Meanwhile, Natalia's hearing loss puts her and Ryan in danger, and she reluctantly agrees to visit a hearing specialist.Season 8, Episode 14February 1, 2010A convicted killer (Anthony Michael Hall) on death row receives a 24-hour stay of execution after doubt is cast on his guilt.Season 8, Episode 6November 2, 2009A groom doesn't show up for his wedding and his two best men are discovered handcuffed together in a hotel fountain covered in someone else's blood.The investigation reveals the three men were partying at a strip club when the groom disappeared.

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