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“I always followed HIV testing on the side lines, watching carefully how it was performed on the women I referred. Now I can.” Delfina administers HIV rapid tests at hot spots, screens FSWs for sexually transmitted infections, and consults with health care professionals about the specific needs of her clients.

On 26 October, the first-ever multiparty Parliament convened in Luanda in the absence of the UNITA members and, on 2 December, President dos Santos announced a new Government headed by Prime Minister Marcolino Moco.The UN mounted an extensive airlift to enable people in remote areas to reach polling stations.When early returns indicated MPLA victories in both the parliamentary and the presidential races, Mr.On , President of the Republic Jos Eduardo dos Santos signed a peace accord with Mr.Jonas Savimbi, leader of the National Union for the total Independence of Angola (UNITA), which was intended to put an end to the protracted 16-year civil war in the country.

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