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In most of these cases, the users can be guided in the way they give the input using mechanisms, such as an auto-completion box.However, if a user can give you "undesirable" input, then somewhere along the line one of them will.Your input widgets are a form of a label, they indicate to the user what sort of data you expect them to enter.In many cases, they can be used to stop the user from entering invalid data, or at least make it less likely.Given below are some of the sample methods to validate the email address in Android: Method-1) Following works for android 2.2 onwards Edi Text email Validate; String email = email Editable Text()String().trim(); String email Pattern = "[a-z A-Z0-9._-] @[a-z] \.(For more resources related to this subject, see here.) Often applications require specific types of input from their users.Keep in mind the way that users expect things to work, and that they expect to be able to select things quickly.

By default, the system uses this button for either a Next or Done action unless your text field allows multi-line text (such as with ), in which case the action button is a carriage return.Bear in mind that on a touchscreen device, while you have a "focused" widget, it doesn't play the same role as on a desktop system, and the user isn't going to "tab" off the widget.This means that as far as possible, your user interface should respond live to the user's actions, not wait for them to do something else (that is, select another widget) before giving them some feedback.Email validation is useful in android because we need to send the email to server for registering a new account or for any other purpose.If we validate the email in the android app itself then we won’t need to validate it at the server side.

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