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Excitedly Ric’s mother abruptly said ‘There she is” and squealed. As the flight attendant departed Yvette greeted her uncle saying “Uncle Carl . She gazed into his eyes remembering all the fun they had together as children. ” Ric was actually starting to panic as he felt stirrings in his jeans for the second time since seeing his cousin, and was afraid Yvette or his mom . Ric expected to get a glimpse of her panty-clad ass as short as her skirt was. mom and I just got done repainting it and cleaning it up for you” Ric stated as they dragged her bags into the room. It was almost twice the size of her bedroom in France, had a large Queen bed and a desk with writing lamp on the far wall. “Can I use that laptop” Yvette asked eying the machine. I got a new one and thought you might like to use this one.

Ric looked first at his mother and then followed her arm which was pointing at the window. Yvette leaned in and kissed his right cheek and then slowly moved to his left side. All he saw was legs that seemed to go on forever, but nothing else. I put SKYPE on it, in case you want to talk to your mom” Ric commented. I forget that you don’t have any sisters, so you’re probably not used to being around all this girly stuff.

There were bigger and better things in life than working the ranch from sun up to sun down. At least now you understand why your dad think’s I’m a little French whore, Ric.” “He doesn’t think that” Ric lied.

Besides his biggest interest these days was trying to figure out how to lose his virginity. “Ric, I overheard him saying that to your mom one night .

Ric’s other nemesis was that he lacked self-confidence and was what most people considered ‘shy’.

The only thing he heard clearly was his mother pleading with his dad, “What do you want me to do . She’s having a hard time of things, personally, right now. “ “God damn it Marge” his father spat out interrupting his wife in mid-sentence, “catching your teen-aged daughter in bed with a 22 year old guy, is not a ‘little difficulty’! YOU are going to learn what ‘difficulties’ I can make for you mister! and because the girls did not like the ‘competition’.

And she’s had some ‘difficulties’ with your cousin Yvette . ” Ric’s mother gave his father a look Ric had not seen often. ” Ric’s father threw his napkin down, and left the table in a huff. .whatever” Ric mumbled to his mother while he prepared to go up to his room to hit the books. Ric tried to recall Yvette’s face, but only had a hazy memory. he really didn’t pay attention to what was going on. His Uncle’s estate in France had been settled and apparently, he had a company which was ultimately sold. primarily because she was so much better looking than they were . It took a while but eventually most of the girls discovered she was absolutely no threat.

“If you don’t watch that god damn mouth of yours Carl . While Ric’s parents didn’t fight often, he knew that his mother was in a ‘take-no-prisoners’ mode, and was a force to be reckoned with. Ric lay on his bed replaying the scene from the kitchen. He recalled that her father had died when she was about 8, but he could not remember what his uncle died of. He searched his memory, but at the time he was a kid himself. His Aunt Barbara had loved France and when the estate was settled, she and Yvette had moved back there. When Yvette’s school records had been presented , and Marge had her enter the school year, it turned out that while she should have been a year behind Ric, there were makeup classes she needed to take. The boys would all hit on Yvette, but she either just ignored their advances, and double-untenders, or outright shot them down in flames.

Agencies or law-enforcement organizations are not to utilize this work product in any way. [I just can’t seem to write without a lot of detail and back-story] It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex to satisfy almost everyone and some humor.

This story consists of 41 chapters – over 70,000 words! She felt his strength, and warmth, and began to sob again.

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