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Babbel – Learn languages online – Online dictionary for 28 languages Babada – Visual dictionary for languages and dialects BBC Languages – Audio and video courses for beginners and intermediates in 36 languages book2 – Learn languages online for free with 100 audio (mp3) files!Busuu – Speak a language in 10 minutes a day byki – a powerful and personalized language-learning system.A new way to become bilingual with your own videos Lingoo – offers authentic language holidays for children and teenagers through language exchanges and homestays Lingorilla – Learn languages online with videos and games Lingostan – Learn and speak languages with native speakers Ling Q – Take a language journey & immerse yourself in a world of compelling content Lingua Lift – Empower motivated self-learners through advanced algorithms that tailor the content to your personal needs, and friendly study coaches who are there to support you every step of the way.

How to learn any language in record time – infographic that 200words-a-day – If you find learning new vocabulary a time-consuming grind, try boosting it with the 200 Words a Day!

Learn through games, stories, listening activities and grammar exercises Funky English – A social network for anyone who wants to improve their English!

English lessons, activities, quizzes and English forum Gapfillers – Language English on the go Go Fluent – English as a business tool Golden Academy of English Language – 1 on 1 speaking online course for elementary and intermediate level English speakers, and information on English grammar.

Language Software Reviews – comparison of tthe most popular online courses and programs to learn languages Language Transfer – learn a language as if you knew it already Learn a Language – Lright here with hundreds of free language-learning lessons, games, and activities Learn a Language on You Tube – Learn languages using You Tube videos.

Learn Indian languages – Learn to speak Indian languages in English, Bengali, Gujarait, Hindi, etc Learn Languages On Your Own – If you want to learn English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German or Arabic on your own Learn Languages Quickly – Find a language teacher Lingolistic – Learn a new language faster.

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