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Does the talk about you being the best player of all time make you proud? I've been lucky to play with a great team in Barcelona and we've had some success but the greats won things for a long period - I'm only young. For me it's more than just a place to play football. We took our best Geordie translator and headed to their first ever shoot for a chat! Do you find it weird to walk around in your underwear?

Also to be the best you need to win a World Cup, which I haven't done. Final question - do you fancy a cheeky move to the Prem?

27 Gear 28 Letters 30 Jokes 32 Pop Out In Public 33 Camera Phone Comedy 74 Fashion 76 Reviews 78 TV Guide 90 Pub Ammo Feisty wenches bring us the Spartacus: Blood And Sand DVD The cast of MTV show Geordie Shore drop by \ Rooney "Messi does amazing things with a football If i Wayne! Thankfully, the club and the fans got behind me and as the season went on.

Controlling Lionel Messi must be part of the gameplan? Not because of what it looked like but because of what it meant to me and my team- mates. He's a warrior and seems to honestly love the game. Do you really think working out in nightclubs is the way to fitness?

ew Microcomb (Power only) elps guide stubble to the blades * Principal blades vs. Fusion The Best a Man Can Get in 27 MAY-2 JUNE 2011 NEWS Nut S PORT 4 Champions League 54 Four-page Champions final preview League special! Everyone k nows what Barca can do to you if you let them, so we'll have to defend well. It's more about what we will do and our philosophy towards the game. We work hard to close down the opposition and when we get the ball we hopefully do something beautiful.

I New Blade Stabiliser To allow the blades to adjust to the contours of your face. 10 Backstage at Radio 60 Graeme Swann Ts Big Weekend! 13 Space Shuttle 14 Dead Island: first look 16 Aston Martin Zagato! 24 Jim Jef feries oo LU O oo O oo o 34 Nuts 1 Next Top Model 36 Interview: Al Murray 38 Funniest new flicks! How does it feel to meet them in the Champions League final? The result's the most important thing but I also hope it'll he a good game. And in any case, Barcelona tries not to focus on the opposition and their tactics. People look at the quality of our play and our individuals and think it must be easy but we earn the right to attack.

p60 AL GIRLS 66 Bedroom Babes 69 Our Postbag 70 Real Girls, Real Places 73 Ladies Confess Natalie! First up, congratulations on United's record- breaking 19th title! We've had ups and downs this season but it all seems worthwhile now. When you asked for a transfer at the start of the season, did you ever think you'd win the title and get to the Champions League final? I'd like to I apologised and moved v ► think I got better and better. I have a lot of respect for United, their history and the way they approach football.

But she asked if she can wear my meat for her performance.

Would you have the courtesy to smell my trainers today?

League final • The Uefa will be the sixth Champions to be hosted Festival takes at Wembley.

I just saw a tractor and thought, "Wouldn't that be cool on stage? PUB AMMO ON CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL • This year's to echo the Champions English flag.

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