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And so, in the spirit of full disclosure (and because energy sector executives are an irrepressibly competitive and insatiably curious bunch), we’ve captured the contents of those summary compensation tables for you.The Alberta Motor Association has filed a lawsuit against a former executive, alleging he swindled million from the organization and bought lavish homes and vehicles.He again had to fight through a tiebreaker to win the championship, downing Alberta's Jeff Erickson before defeating Newfoundland's Brad Gushue in the semifinal and British Columbia's Jeff Richard in the final.At the 1999 World Junior Curling Championships, he led Canada to an 8–1 round robin record (first place), and beat Sweden's Patric Håkansson in the semifinal and Christian Haller of Switzerland in the final to win the gold medal.After finishing the round robin with a 6–3 record, Morris defeated Team Glenn Howard in the semifinal before losing to Team Wayne Middaugh in the final.The team qualified for the 2001 Canadian Olympic Curling Trials, where Morris garnered national attention after a difficult loss to Russ Howard.A judge agreed to freeze Gladden’s bank accounts and assets, including a vacation home in Scottsdale, Ariz., a boat, two Porsches and a Maserati.

We’ll happily talk about our diet, our dating lives and even our deepest secrets before we tell friends and family about how much dough we take home every year.The AMA said in a statement Monday that insurance will cover any financial losses and customer information has not been compromised.and won the 19 Canadian and World Junior Championships, setting records for most wins by a skip along the way. Louis and Mark Homan would represent Ontario at the 1997 Canadian Junior Curling Championships. Perepolkin, New Brunswick's Tommy Sullivan in tiebreakers, the Northwest Territories' Jamie Koe in the semifinal before losing to Alberta's Ryan Keane in the final.His team would finish the round robin with a 7–5 record, in a five-way tie for third place. The next season, Morris brought in a new front end for his junior team, adding Andy Ormsby and Brent Laing to replace St. At the 1998 Canadian Junior Curling Championships, he led his Ontario Team to a 9–3 round robin record, in a 4 way tie for first place.The team beat New Brunswick's Rob Heffernan in a tiebreaker, before beating Manitoba's Mike Mc Ewen in the semifinal and then Alberta's Carter Rycroft in the final.

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